Caulking and Weatherstripping Saves Energy, Money.

Most experts agree that caulking and weatherstripping—two simple air sealing techniques—will
pay for themselves in energy savings within one year. Applying these techniques will also alleviate
drafts and help your home feel warmer when it's cold outside.
Complete Home and Attic Insulation
Home Weatherization
Professional Insulation Installers
At Housecalls Home Services we offer expanding
blown-insulation. Choose from Owens-Corning Attic Cat
Insulation or cellulose Green Fiber.

Complete Attic insulation. The attic is the  most common
area for energy loss of most homes. With energy costs
rising yearly the sooner you protect your home from energy
loss the sooner you reap the benefits in terms of comfort
and dramatic reduction in lost energy dollars.

Instant analysis.
It is not always necessary to spend money on an
unnecessary energy audit. All it really takes is a peak up in
the attic and a few simple observations by a trained expert.
We build homes and are very familiar with proper insulation
requirements and practices.
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Owens-Corning Attic Cat blown-in insulation
organic green Blown in Insulation
* Door and window frames
* Mail chutes
* Electrical and gas service entrances
* Cable TV and phone lines
* Outdoor water faucets
* Where dryer vents pass through walls
* Bricks, siding, stucco, and foundation
* Air conditioners
* Vents and fans.
Think Green! 19-energy savings tips to make you feel warmer without turning up
the heat. See the
slide show here
Energy loss
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Insulation and Weatherization

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