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In northeast Ohio most homes have a pitched roof.  The greater the angle the
steeper the pitch. The roof cover is usually a shingle.

What are shingles made from? Roof shingles are usually made out of wood, or
asphalt. There are three main forms of asphalt roof shingles: organic, laminated
and fiberglass. Usually, wood shingles are made from western red cedar, and they
may be tapersplit, handsplit and resawn, tapersawn or straight-split.

With organic asphalt roof shingles, paper or felt is saturated with asphalt to make it
waterproof; a top coating is put on and then ceramic granules, which may contain
copper or tin to deter moss growth on your roof, are applied. Two separate layers
make up laminated asphalt roof shingles; they weigh more, cost more and are
wear longer than regular organic asphalt roof shingles. Fiberglass asphalt roof
shingles start with a fiberglass mat and asphalt with mineral fillers added.

How to tell when a roof needs to be replaced. As roof shingles get older, they are
exposed to all types of weather, heat, ice, rain and wind. A sure sign of the end of a
roofs life is indicated by a curl at the edges of the shingle tab. Shingles may also
appear cracked, worn and cupped.  When roof shingles show any of these telltale
signs of age it is time to call us for replacement as soon as possible. It is
imperative that whoever inspects your roof shingles is mindful of this, because if
they walk across the surface of cupped roof shingles, they may cause the roof to go
from being near the end of its life to a failed and/or leaking condition. We know how
careful we have to be when checking roofs with these issues.

If your roof shingles are fine, but you have some that are missing. Perhaps they
blew off in a bad storm, maybe during hurricane season. It is no problem for us to
replace missing roof shingles, and we can make them match the rest of your house
so no one will even know they were replaced.

Clearly, keeping your roof shingles in the best shape possible is imperative to the
health of your roof. If you find that you have missing shingles or that you have
shingles that are curling, and let us come out and give you a free estimate of what it
would cost to fix them.

Our family-owned and -operated company has 25 years experience. We are
committed to ensuring your 100 percent satisfaction. Give us a call at 330 524-5626
or fill out the online information request form to schedule your appointment.
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